Saturday, February 4, 2012

Objectivity and levels of awareness stay in your light.

Having the good fortune of being around long enough to watch recording media advance. The average person can pretty much purchase some powerful audio/visual equipment. in these times on our planet where Air and terrestrial phenomena is on the rise. People are now capturing images that appear to be what it appears to be. This comes a long way from the time when cameras and video equipment was not widely available to most eye witnesses. Humans tend to complicate the most simplest matters. I viewed a sighting clip of an apparent UFO on line and read no less then 10 responses from so called debunkers all telling you  what you were watching, none of which suggested that what you were seeing was not of our known tech. Yet when they tried to make it fit in what they say it was, was clearly in conflict in what you were looking at.
i had  someone comment on a post i put up of a sighting , telling me that what i shot was a plane and not without, as usual having to leave a sarcastic comment.If he would have took note to what he was looking at he would have seen that the object made no sound, hovered in place frequently, had no FAA lights, and was flying way below what would have been safe for an area full of power lines. There are people out there that are distractions to deter the arising awareness of just what our reality is.These would have been the same people who would say the world is flat, the earth is the center of the universe, and want to keep everyone stuck in the paradigm that their limited understanding keeps them in. to those who are or have awaken and are lucky enough to have the veil lifted from your eyes, stand in your truth Inevitability will be the truth that will finally reveal all. There would be no need for me to post a pic of a plane or helicopter. I am and have been a paid professional observer for some 27 years and fully understand the dynamics of flight and all the regulations that go with it. Remember the U is Unidentified.... until i verify for myself as you should for yourself based on thorough analysis and not sarcastic self driven ego.the state of the world is as such because want to dismiss everything that does threaten are so called great way of life of xbox, sports. and mindless TV programming allowing the media to tell us what to think. The universe is knocking at the door right now. dont get caught up with arguing the color of the sky with a blind man........Peace