Saturday, February 4, 2012

Objectivity and levels of awareness stay in your light.

Having the good fortune of being around long enough to watch recording media advance. The average person can pretty much purchase some powerful audio/visual equipment. in these times on our planet where Air and terrestrial phenomena is on the rise. People are now capturing images that appear to be what it appears to be. This comes a long way from the time when cameras and video equipment was not widely available to most eye witnesses. Humans tend to complicate the most simplest matters. I viewed a sighting clip of an apparent UFO on line and read no less then 10 responses from so called debunkers all telling you  what you were watching, none of which suggested that what you were seeing was not of our known tech. Yet when they tried to make it fit in what they say it was, was clearly in conflict in what you were looking at.
i had  someone comment on a post i put up of a sighting , telling me that what i shot was a plane and not without, as usual having to leave a sarcastic comment.If he would have took note to what he was looking at he would have seen that the object made no sound, hovered in place frequently, had no FAA lights, and was flying way below what would have been safe for an area full of power lines. There are people out there that are distractions to deter the arising awareness of just what our reality is.These would have been the same people who would say the world is flat, the earth is the center of the universe, and want to keep everyone stuck in the paradigm that their limited understanding keeps them in. to those who are or have awaken and are lucky enough to have the veil lifted from your eyes, stand in your truth Inevitability will be the truth that will finally reveal all. There would be no need for me to post a pic of a plane or helicopter. I am and have been a paid professional observer for some 27 years and fully understand the dynamics of flight and all the regulations that go with it. Remember the U is Unidentified.... until i verify for myself as you should for yourself based on thorough analysis and not sarcastic self driven ego.the state of the world is as such because want to dismiss everything that does threaten are so called great way of life of xbox, sports. and mindless TV programming allowing the media to tell us what to think. The universe is knocking at the door right now. dont get caught up with arguing the color of the sky with a blind man........Peace

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Light Being

 January 15 2012  9:40 P.M.

Location, Hudson Valley, Orange County New York.

These images were capture in a wooded area in the town of Montgomery, New York.

 The glowing orb appeared and then increased its illumination to a plasma type light. These were shot terrestrially and not in the night sky.

 The orb appeared to move intelligently and was non threatening. No flash was used and no other light source was present but that which the intelligence provided.

The distance was about 70 yards from myself and the subject. There was the feeling of an energetic emission experienced by this writer.

The singularity it returns too and started from is the last photo at the bottom, partially blocked by branches.
The active movement started when the camera (supported) was trained on subject. 

I observed the increase in  the luminescence as you payed more attention to the source yet it did not effect most of the darkness further out from the area of the subjects location.As i said before plasma light comes to mind.The same type projected by the craft of my initial encounter.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Shaman of the new age 4

That Monday morning 4:45 am, i am leaving the house for my commute to work. I pull out of my development as i head down the road i am startled by what appeared to be a craft about the length of a school bus swoop about 500 feet from my car. The light was brilliant and the air around it seemed charged.

There were windows across the length of it with a
person standing in one of the windows. It swooped, stopped then quickly shot back up into the sky. The shape was cylindrical like 2 cigars sandwiching the length of windows. Shaken i continued to drive to the nearest gas station that was open and stopped to collect myself. Then i would drive on to catch my train to work. The following morning shaken i chose to ride to the train with someone and not drive.As we left the development and got on the main highway i looked to the Sky and then this time a small black triangular craft tailed us  and then flew over the car momentarily so that i could see the red strobe on the bottom of the craft. It flew from north west to south east as we were east bound.As we parked at the train station the craft was hovering on the opposite side of the Hudson. i tried not to look at it, but then it began to signal me by flashing a white light in 3 flash intervals.It tracked the movement of my head as i tried to hide behind the i beam of the car from side to side.

It would be 3 more nights of going out and seeing the lights in the sky which i knew were craft. It was that Friday that i thought i would go out and confront this head on.I rationalized with myself that for someone to possibly travel great lengths to reach out to you, there must be something important. While they made their presence felt they were never threatening.It would be that night, i would go to a secluded field and await what ever was to come.On the train ride home in the sky what looked like pictures appeared. a rainbow,feather and what appeared to be an eagle.Then that voice in my head that i remember from my childhood.."do not fear". Having arrived at my station, i set out for my meeting but first i went home and put away my gun. No need for that i thought as i would not let fear cloud my judgement and i embraced my faith in the fact that i am immortal and do not fear death. As i set out to drive, 2 prism like craft appeared in the sky and tailed me to the secluded football field in the dark night of the Hudson valley. The 2 prisms took up positions in the sky to the rear of me as observers as i made my way onto the dark field flashing lights appeared off in the distance heading towards me. A sound like an eagle screeching then when looked up i was in the center of several small craft with a number of the larger prism ships higher up in the sky. 2 flashes of what looked like lighting hit the ground ,white beams with red on front.i could hear footsteps yet not see anyone. As i stood there a wave of peace came over me. Then for the next few minutes i was given all the confirmation i needed about this whole topic. They left no doubt in my mind. I felt what appeared to be a hand placed on the center of my chest. It felt as if it started something in me. I left that field empowered and unafraid. i would come to the realization that they always had played a part in my life and it was at this time in my life and this time in our world that i was to get a wake up call. I would need to get pass fear in order to receive what would follow as the initiation into the reality of existence. I would be made aware of dimensions, Angelics, nature spirits,spirit guides, astral travel, telepathy. energetic healing. telekinesis and so much more.Life has become one big initiation leading to one big event of transformation and change.Its not about them all of those who come to assist and observe, Its all about US! and no ones going to do it for you. I share this info not to convince you as we all have the right of free will. But as an obligation of having the privilege to experience something more normal than it is paranormal. Our senses have been terribly dulled about who we are and what we are capable of.

Note: Photo was of a different sighting of the same craft involved in my initial close encounter.

Shaman of the New age 3

The move to Hudson Valley New York, allowed for me to experience the rural living i had grown fond of  from my summer stays in V.A. With very clear views of the night sky the occasional high strangeness sightings were not rare.My drive commute had me on the dark roads after midnight when all was quiet at night. In the vicinity of Pine Bush the i could observe strange lights flashing and moving about off in the sky.
Some would appear to be meteors, except that they would leave the ground toward the sky.I would come to learn from some of the locals of a mass sighting that took place in the area during the 80's. There was a book written called Night Siege: The Hudson Valley UFO Sightings by Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Philip J. Imbrogno, and Bob Pratt is a sensible, sober book on the subject of unexplained aerial phenomena. Witnesses to the events and active participants in the investigation during the period described, the authors have limited the book to examining the dramatic 13-year UFO wave that took place over the Hudson River Valley from 1982 through 1995. During that period, the UFOs were seen by an estimated 7,000 people and reported to authorities by at least a tenth of that number.

The year is 2010 and it is the month of May. Since January of that year i was experiencing strange fluctuations in my physiology. I would experience flashes of heat at night to the point where i would wake up so drenched in sweat i would have to take a shower in the middle of the night.Then there was the high pitched ringing in my ears. It was not painful and almost musical. when i focused on it, the ringing would become louder.Then my dreams became so real that i would think that i had awoken, until to still find out i was in a dream. My first out of body experience was to Mars. As i was moving over the surface, ancient structures, buildings made out of stone were appearing partially covered with reddish tan sand. a feeling came over me ,as if i was reminiscing. That month one of my face book status remarks would be, "i could use a divine intervention". And boy did the universe respond.

July 2010, its summer and the physical changes continue. Now there is something i am experiencing through my cell phone and clock radio. A tone sounding like Morse code is coming thru at different times of day. More frequently at night and my TV would flash 1 of 2 lights in the top left corner while i was watching. the light would be a circle 2 inches in diameter, red or green. The green light would pop on when the program seemed informative. The red when it appear that the show had violent content.When i asked if anyone Else's set had this going on the reply was no.

August 2010, My mom and sister were leaving my home. as i was escorting my mom down the steps of my house, she looks up and points to what appears to be a star. "whats that" she asked. I looked up and saw this brightly lit object in the sky right over my neighbor's house. It pulsed and flickered red,blue, and white light. Too low to be a star and the light emission would not make it a planet i thought.So i said hmm i think it's a star, just to keep the peace of mind of my sis for her long dark drive back down to NYC. But being an avid watcher of the skies i felt different. A week later my friend informed me that Jupiter would be out and the moons would be clear to see with binoculars.having went out and observed Jupiter that night in my backyard in the south eastern sky, i walked to the front of my house and there it was again. This time it began to perform a dazzling light show. going from red, green, blue, white the light looked plasma like. I called my 2 children to take a look and then my neighbor to witness the performance through binoculars.

That night i stayed up most the night in the bathroom window observing it until the light seem to dim. the object now was further away in the sky and appeared like a star. I would for 3 nights find this object in the sky and watch it. Finally on the 4th night while observing it, it moved.... It started to zig zag, move top to bottom, spiral. I was awe struck, and at one point if i thought of a direction for it to move in it would do it.
For the next 2 weeks i would photograph it as best as i could. the pics would show the spiraling movement and the plasma like trail of the lights.What have i stumbled on i thought. Having gone down to North Carolina, the object was there as well and i took pics.

On a Sunday at the end of the month, i was out tracing the skies for the object again for pics and found it.
As i was setting up to shoot i noticed another, then another.. there were multiple objects in the sky that night.
I called my friend out to come see and she did. At which time 2 of the objects looked like they were descending from the sky. the bottoms of the objects had red flashing lights on them. i looked at her and told her i am not ready to meet anybody and told her to go in the house as i did the same that Sunday night.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mindfulness Quotes 1

Mindfulness is not just a word or a discourse by the Buddha, but a meaningful st...ate of mind. It means we have to be here now, in this very moment, and we have to know what is happening internally and externally. It means being alert to our motives and learning to change unwholesome thoughts and emotions into wholesome ones. Mindfulness is a mental activity that in due course eliminates all suffering.

-Ayya Khema
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WHAT IS MINDFULNESS? Mindfulness is the practice of being aware.... and present in the here and now without judgment. It is the focus of the mind on one thing at a time and fully experiencing it for what it is.

Shaman of the New Age 1

The year is 1961 and it is the month of December, i am 3 months old. My other places me on the center of her queen sized bed as she is going into the kitchen to prepare a meal. I am wrapped in a blue she would tell me years later when she returned to the bed room to check on me,  i was gone. frantically she called out for me looking everywhere in the three story walk up two bed room apartment. Finally a voice told her to look under the bed, and there i was on my back not crying towards the center of the bed unharmed.
When my father came home she told him of this incident and he dismissed her as being delusional.This would be the beginnings of many occurrences on a path to an evolving destiny for this writer.She gave me this account as she was prompted by my ability to recall my time in the crib which was in my parents bedroom with such accuracy to the furniture in the room and the colors the nik naks, and other subtle nuances.Having no pictures during the period of the room and subsequent changes to the room by the time my sister was born four years later it baffled her.Although to me it seemed normal. in my early years as a child i would appear to be a nervous,as i was always under the awareness of potential immediate outcomes of the actions of others when they took risk.Usually it was not a good outcome. this led to me learning how to keep company with myself and a few friends. I could see potential hazards in my mind seconds before they unfolded. Most would call me to careful or skittish.To sum it up it was like living one second faster than everyone else.
Then it came that i would just know things without knowing why. My mothers sister had just had her baby, a boy as my mom was leaving to go visit her she said to me " i wonder what she named him" i looked up at her and said Christopher. When she returned from the hospital she insisted on how i knew and if i had called her which i had not.
Then came my first visitor. as i went into the kitchen one day in the third story apt thru the window came a person with large eyes almost appearing like a hologram. this scared me and i turn and ran out of there as fast as a seven year old could. My mom could not comprehend what unnerved me so much.
This same being would return to me when was suffering from scarlet fever, and in my delirium he came to my bed straddled my chest and all i could remember was a hand on my forehead cooling me then i passed out. The next day i felt better.And it would be the last time i would see that being as a child.

Then the ships.

Summers were always spent in Virginia in the most remote wooded areas where the night skies were crystal clear. most hot summer nights were spent sitting on the porch of my grandma's porch. One particular night while gazing up, what appeared to be a star shifted from a north position straight down to a southern position then moved west and stopped as if under intelligent control. I tried to bring this to the attention of others and this would be my first experience with those who would attack you out of fear.let the sleepers remain. So this went on that 70's summer until i returned to New York.

Shaman of the new age 2


As a child i had fallen off a  two story roof backwards at a relatives house, without injury.I was told by a voice to lay still and not to get up immediately. Only when this voice told me to do so.My sister and myself did not inform my mother of this until we were well into our adult years and could laugh about it. I was about nine years old at the time it happened. Fast forward to adulthood i was in my 20's driving along the Pennsylvania turnpike returning to New York. I was fighting sleep at the time 4am on a hot summer morn.
Rolling down the windows and turning on the radio was the last thing i remembered, to my awareness i was asleep in my bed at home and now i was being awakened by a buzzing sound. when i opened my eyes what i thought was my alarm clock, was actually  speedometer clocking 70 miles per hour. the buzz was my tires hitting the grooves on the shoulder and the retainer wall was coming up on my driver's side fast. i veered the car away went off to the opposite side of the highway, coming to a halt on the grass.Then to my shock a giant owl landed on the hood off my car with out stretched wings and gazed at me then took off. It took me 25 minutes to get my head together after that.This would not be the last time i would see the owl.

Messages from the other side

As time went on my dream time became more and more vivid it was as if i was equally active and in control there as much as i am in my waking state. Relatives who had died would convey messages of well being and even additions coming to the family thru birth. i knew of pregnancies before i was told ,even down to gender

Its not because i hear you, Its because i feel you.

I had problems with people as i had found out from a young age that i was very sensitive to their vibrations. A lot of people don't realize how when the vibration of your intent don't match up with the vibration of your words causes discord. We are a society of words and little feeling or action. people think that knowing what your thinking is being telepathic. telepaths pick up on what you are feeling or expressing more so then words. Words are a quick fix to get what is wanted with out putting in the work of feeling or expressing the reciprocal behavior. People will quickly tell you what they are rather then allowing you to sum it up through feeling it these days.Being is speaking and feeling is hearing.

Getting ready

My life was full of synchronicity, everything seem to tie into one giant nudge. There is more to the reality that you know of and do not be complacent with where your at or what your told. life is about Being and Becoming that is how it is perpetuated from one state of being to another.Change is constant,you are not what you were 5 minutes ago. At 12 years old i started reading all sorts of books on things that were outside conventional thinking.Music was heavy as a lot of those musicans after hearing their lyrics were divinely inspired and it seemed they had an insight to something more, it was like answers to life questions.Some seemed silly on the surface but when you really listened to what they were saying, it was like they were forecastng now that i can look back and put it all together.Film and TV media was good and bad. some can bring about good info while a lot of it keeps you afraid and watered down, hey we done it all for you nothing you have to do Don't Think for yourself , we'll tell you what to think.


light, sound and vibration the composites of the Universe. Energy into matter and then we have various degrees of physicality based on greater or lesser vibratory rates.Slower vibration means denser matter. Faster vibration means less dense or lighter. As with water the staple of life. Ice, water, steam, vapour some of the states from slower to faster vibration of water humans on this physical plane, we have come thru the waters as a soul to being birthed into the physical plane taking on the suit of water and flesh so that we may operate in the lower dimensions of existence.And what of our time here? What is our purpose and what are my limitations. Do i have help? When the music stops where will i be and do i have a choice.