Friday, January 20, 2012

Shaman of the new age 4

That Monday morning 4:45 am, i am leaving the house for my commute to work. I pull out of my development as i head down the road i am startled by what appeared to be a craft about the length of a school bus swoop about 500 feet from my car. The light was brilliant and the air around it seemed charged.

There were windows across the length of it with a
person standing in one of the windows. It swooped, stopped then quickly shot back up into the sky. The shape was cylindrical like 2 cigars sandwiching the length of windows. Shaken i continued to drive to the nearest gas station that was open and stopped to collect myself. Then i would drive on to catch my train to work. The following morning shaken i chose to ride to the train with someone and not drive.As we left the development and got on the main highway i looked to the Sky and then this time a small black triangular craft tailed us  and then flew over the car momentarily so that i could see the red strobe on the bottom of the craft. It flew from north west to south east as we were east bound.As we parked at the train station the craft was hovering on the opposite side of the Hudson. i tried not to look at it, but then it began to signal me by flashing a white light in 3 flash intervals.It tracked the movement of my head as i tried to hide behind the i beam of the car from side to side.

It would be 3 more nights of going out and seeing the lights in the sky which i knew were craft. It was that Friday that i thought i would go out and confront this head on.I rationalized with myself that for someone to possibly travel great lengths to reach out to you, there must be something important. While they made their presence felt they were never threatening.It would be that night, i would go to a secluded field and await what ever was to come.On the train ride home in the sky what looked like pictures appeared. a rainbow,feather and what appeared to be an eagle.Then that voice in my head that i remember from my childhood.."do not fear". Having arrived at my station, i set out for my meeting but first i went home and put away my gun. No need for that i thought as i would not let fear cloud my judgement and i embraced my faith in the fact that i am immortal and do not fear death. As i set out to drive, 2 prism like craft appeared in the sky and tailed me to the secluded football field in the dark night of the Hudson valley. The 2 prisms took up positions in the sky to the rear of me as observers as i made my way onto the dark field flashing lights appeared off in the distance heading towards me. A sound like an eagle screeching then when looked up i was in the center of several small craft with a number of the larger prism ships higher up in the sky. 2 flashes of what looked like lighting hit the ground ,white beams with red on front.i could hear footsteps yet not see anyone. As i stood there a wave of peace came over me. Then for the next few minutes i was given all the confirmation i needed about this whole topic. They left no doubt in my mind. I felt what appeared to be a hand placed on the center of my chest. It felt as if it started something in me. I left that field empowered and unafraid. i would come to the realization that they always had played a part in my life and it was at this time in my life and this time in our world that i was to get a wake up call. I would need to get pass fear in order to receive what would follow as the initiation into the reality of existence. I would be made aware of dimensions, Angelics, nature spirits,spirit guides, astral travel, telepathy. energetic healing. telekinesis and so much more.Life has become one big initiation leading to one big event of transformation and change.Its not about them all of those who come to assist and observe, Its all about US! and no ones going to do it for you. I share this info not to convince you as we all have the right of free will. But as an obligation of having the privilege to experience something more normal than it is paranormal. Our senses have been terribly dulled about who we are and what we are capable of.

Note: Photo was of a different sighting of the same craft involved in my initial close encounter.

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