Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Shaman of the new age 2


As a child i had fallen off a  two story roof backwards at a relatives house, without injury.I was told by a voice to lay still and not to get up immediately. Only when this voice told me to do so.My sister and myself did not inform my mother of this until we were well into our adult years and could laugh about it. I was about nine years old at the time it happened. Fast forward to adulthood i was in my 20's driving along the Pennsylvania turnpike returning to New York. I was fighting sleep at the time 4am on a hot summer morn.
Rolling down the windows and turning on the radio was the last thing i remembered, to my awareness i was asleep in my bed at home and now i was being awakened by a buzzing sound. when i opened my eyes what i thought was my alarm clock, was actually  speedometer clocking 70 miles per hour. the buzz was my tires hitting the grooves on the shoulder and the retainer wall was coming up on my driver's side fast. i veered the car away went off to the opposite side of the highway, coming to a halt on the grass.Then to my shock a giant owl landed on the hood off my car with out stretched wings and gazed at me then took off. It took me 25 minutes to get my head together after that.This would not be the last time i would see the owl.

Messages from the other side

As time went on my dream time became more and more vivid it was as if i was equally active and in control there as much as i am in my waking state. Relatives who had died would convey messages of well being and even additions coming to the family thru birth. i knew of pregnancies before i was told ,even down to gender

Its not because i hear you, Its because i feel you.

I had problems with people as i had found out from a young age that i was very sensitive to their vibrations. A lot of people don't realize how when the vibration of your intent don't match up with the vibration of your words causes discord. We are a society of words and little feeling or action. people think that knowing what your thinking is being telepathic. telepaths pick up on what you are feeling or expressing more so then words. Words are a quick fix to get what is wanted with out putting in the work of feeling or expressing the reciprocal behavior. People will quickly tell you what they are rather then allowing you to sum it up through feeling it these days.Being is speaking and feeling is hearing.

Getting ready

My life was full of synchronicity, everything seem to tie into one giant nudge. There is more to the reality that you know of and do not be complacent with where your at or what your told. life is about Being and Becoming that is how it is perpetuated from one state of being to another.Change is constant,you are not what you were 5 minutes ago. At 12 years old i started reading all sorts of books on things that were outside conventional thinking.Music was heavy as a lot of those musicans after hearing their lyrics were divinely inspired and it seemed they had an insight to something more, it was like answers to life questions.Some seemed silly on the surface but when you really listened to what they were saying, it was like they were forecastng now that i can look back and put it all together.Film and TV media was good and bad. some can bring about good info while a lot of it keeps you afraid and watered down, hey we done it all for you nothing you have to do Don't Think for yourself , we'll tell you what to think.

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