Friday, January 20, 2012

Shaman of the New age 3

The move to Hudson Valley New York, allowed for me to experience the rural living i had grown fond of  from my summer stays in V.A. With very clear views of the night sky the occasional high strangeness sightings were not rare.My drive commute had me on the dark roads after midnight when all was quiet at night. In the vicinity of Pine Bush the i could observe strange lights flashing and moving about off in the sky.
Some would appear to be meteors, except that they would leave the ground toward the sky.I would come to learn from some of the locals of a mass sighting that took place in the area during the 80's. There was a book written called Night Siege: The Hudson Valley UFO Sightings by Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Philip J. Imbrogno, and Bob Pratt is a sensible, sober book on the subject of unexplained aerial phenomena. Witnesses to the events and active participants in the investigation during the period described, the authors have limited the book to examining the dramatic 13-year UFO wave that took place over the Hudson River Valley from 1982 through 1995. During that period, the UFOs were seen by an estimated 7,000 people and reported to authorities by at least a tenth of that number.

The year is 2010 and it is the month of May. Since January of that year i was experiencing strange fluctuations in my physiology. I would experience flashes of heat at night to the point where i would wake up so drenched in sweat i would have to take a shower in the middle of the night.Then there was the high pitched ringing in my ears. It was not painful and almost musical. when i focused on it, the ringing would become louder.Then my dreams became so real that i would think that i had awoken, until to still find out i was in a dream. My first out of body experience was to Mars. As i was moving over the surface, ancient structures, buildings made out of stone were appearing partially covered with reddish tan sand. a feeling came over me ,as if i was reminiscing. That month one of my face book status remarks would be, "i could use a divine intervention". And boy did the universe respond.

July 2010, its summer and the physical changes continue. Now there is something i am experiencing through my cell phone and clock radio. A tone sounding like Morse code is coming thru at different times of day. More frequently at night and my TV would flash 1 of 2 lights in the top left corner while i was watching. the light would be a circle 2 inches in diameter, red or green. The green light would pop on when the program seemed informative. The red when it appear that the show had violent content.When i asked if anyone Else's set had this going on the reply was no.

August 2010, My mom and sister were leaving my home. as i was escorting my mom down the steps of my house, she looks up and points to what appears to be a star. "whats that" she asked. I looked up and saw this brightly lit object in the sky right over my neighbor's house. It pulsed and flickered red,blue, and white light. Too low to be a star and the light emission would not make it a planet i thought.So i said hmm i think it's a star, just to keep the peace of mind of my sis for her long dark drive back down to NYC. But being an avid watcher of the skies i felt different. A week later my friend informed me that Jupiter would be out and the moons would be clear to see with binoculars.having went out and observed Jupiter that night in my backyard in the south eastern sky, i walked to the front of my house and there it was again. This time it began to perform a dazzling light show. going from red, green, blue, white the light looked plasma like. I called my 2 children to take a look and then my neighbor to witness the performance through binoculars.

That night i stayed up most the night in the bathroom window observing it until the light seem to dim. the object now was further away in the sky and appeared like a star. I would for 3 nights find this object in the sky and watch it. Finally on the 4th night while observing it, it moved.... It started to zig zag, move top to bottom, spiral. I was awe struck, and at one point if i thought of a direction for it to move in it would do it.
For the next 2 weeks i would photograph it as best as i could. the pics would show the spiraling movement and the plasma like trail of the lights.What have i stumbled on i thought. Having gone down to North Carolina, the object was there as well and i took pics.

On a Sunday at the end of the month, i was out tracing the skies for the object again for pics and found it.
As i was setting up to shoot i noticed another, then another.. there were multiple objects in the sky that night.
I called my friend out to come see and she did. At which time 2 of the objects looked like they were descending from the sky. the bottoms of the objects had red flashing lights on them. i looked at her and told her i am not ready to meet anybody and told her to go in the house as i did the same that Sunday night.

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