Sunday, January 29, 2012

Light Being

 January 15 2012  9:40 P.M.

Location, Hudson Valley, Orange County New York.

These images were capture in a wooded area in the town of Montgomery, New York.

 The glowing orb appeared and then increased its illumination to a plasma type light. These were shot terrestrially and not in the night sky.

 The orb appeared to move intelligently and was non threatening. No flash was used and no other light source was present but that which the intelligence provided.

The distance was about 70 yards from myself and the subject. There was the feeling of an energetic emission experienced by this writer.

The singularity it returns too and started from is the last photo at the bottom, partially blocked by branches.
The active movement started when the camera (supported) was trained on subject. 

I observed the increase in  the luminescence as you payed more attention to the source yet it did not effect most of the darkness further out from the area of the subjects location.As i said before plasma light comes to mind.The same type projected by the craft of my initial encounter.

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