Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Shaman of the New Age 1

The year is 1961 and it is the month of December, i am 3 months old. My other places me on the center of her queen sized bed as she is going into the kitchen to prepare a meal. I am wrapped in a blue she would tell me years later when she returned to the bed room to check on me,  i was gone. frantically she called out for me looking everywhere in the three story walk up two bed room apartment. Finally a voice told her to look under the bed, and there i was on my back not crying towards the center of the bed unharmed.
When my father came home she told him of this incident and he dismissed her as being delusional.This would be the beginnings of many occurrences on a path to an evolving destiny for this writer.She gave me this account as she was prompted by my ability to recall my time in the crib which was in my parents bedroom with such accuracy to the furniture in the room and the colors the nik naks, and other subtle nuances.Having no pictures during the period of the room and subsequent changes to the room by the time my sister was born four years later it baffled her.Although to me it seemed normal. in my early years as a child i would appear to be a nervous,as i was always under the awareness of potential immediate outcomes of the actions of others when they took risk.Usually it was not a good outcome. this led to me learning how to keep company with myself and a few friends. I could see potential hazards in my mind seconds before they unfolded. Most would call me to careful or skittish.To sum it up it was like living one second faster than everyone else.
Then it came that i would just know things without knowing why. My mothers sister had just had her baby, a boy as my mom was leaving to go visit her she said to me " i wonder what she named him" i looked up at her and said Christopher. When she returned from the hospital she insisted on how i knew and if i had called her which i had not.
Then came my first visitor. as i went into the kitchen one day in the third story apt thru the window came a person with large eyes almost appearing like a hologram. this scared me and i turn and ran out of there as fast as a seven year old could. My mom could not comprehend what unnerved me so much.
This same being would return to me when was suffering from scarlet fever, and in my delirium he came to my bed straddled my chest and all i could remember was a hand on my forehead cooling me then i passed out. The next day i felt better.And it would be the last time i would see that being as a child.

Then the ships.

Summers were always spent in Virginia in the most remote wooded areas where the night skies were crystal clear. most hot summer nights were spent sitting on the porch of my grandma's porch. One particular night while gazing up, what appeared to be a star shifted from a north position straight down to a southern position then moved west and stopped as if under intelligent control. I tried to bring this to the attention of others and this would be my first experience with those who would attack you out of fear.let the sleepers remain. So this went on that 70's summer until i returned to New York.

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